Conditions of Use

License and Access

USA STRONG and/or the content providers for its website give you a license to make a non-commercial and personal use and access to its services. This license is not sublicensable, transferable, or exclusive. It is also subject to and dependent on your compliance with the Terms and Conditions laid out herein.

This limited license does not provide you with the right to resell or commercially exploit the USA STRONG content or services in any way. The list of prohibitive exploitative practices includes but is not limited to:

  1. The use, copying, or collection of product content, such as prices, descriptions, or listings;
  2. The use of any derivations from the USA STRONG contents or services;
  3. The copying, downloading, or any other misuse of USA STRONG account information;
  4. The utilization of any hardware and/or software for data mining, extraction, and gathering.

Any right that the Terms and Conditions of USA STRONG do not explicitly grant you are exclusively retained and reserved by USA STRONG and its content providers, rightsholders, publishers, suppliers, licensors, or otherwise connected third parties.

No part of the USA STRONG websites, services, or other content may be commercially exploited, resold, copied, duplicated, or otherwise reproduced without the explicit written consent provided by USA STRONG.

The USA STRONG services and content may not be misused in any other way, nor may they be used in a way that’s deemed illegal by the USA STRONG home jurisdiction or the home jurisdiction of the user. Any non-compliance with the herein defined Terms and Conditions means immediate cancellation of any license or access granted by USA STRONG.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

USA STRONG services, products, materials, content, and information found on the USA STRONG website or made available to users via the USA STRONG services are only provided by USA STRONG when available and “as is.”

USA STRONG bears no responsibility for warranties or representations pertaining to the software, information, products, materials, services, and other content found on the USA STRONG website or provided through the USA STRONG services unless specifically expressed in writing.

Users bear the full responsibility of using the USA STRONG services and products at their sole risk.

USA STRONG disclaims any and all warranties to the furthest extent permissible by legal regulation. These disclaimed warranties include but are not limited to warranties of fitness and merchantability of products for specific purposes.

USA STRONG is not liable or responsible for any kind of damage that arises from the users’ accessing and utilization of the USA STRONG website and services. USA STRONG is also not responsible for the damage arising from any services, products, materials, information, and other content provided through the USA STRONG services, which includes but is not limited to consequential, punitive, incidental, indirect, and direct damages.


Any and all user claims and disputes regarding any usage of the USA STRONG services or products, or the services and products provided and distributed through USA STRONG and its website, will solely be resolved by binding arbitration instead of court proceedings.

While the process of arbitration has no jury or judge or additional court review, an agreed-upon arbitrator may reward the same kind of relief and damages that a court can on an individual basis. Additionally, the agreed-upon arbitrator is required to act in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

The arbitration proceedings are begun by contacting us via letter or email. The process of arbitration will be conducted according to the rules of the American Arbitration Association and its procedures pertaining to customer disputes. Users may read these rules by visiting

Any and all payments related to the fees for the arbitrator, as well as administrative fees and filings, will also be conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitration may be conducted at a location that is mutually agreed upon or via mutually agreed-upon communication methods, including but not limited to written submissions or telephone.

Both USA STRONG and the users agree that all legal proceedings for dispute resolution will be conducted solely on an individual basis instead of representative, consolidated, or class actions. The usage of the USA STRONG services, products, information, or any other kind of website content means the agreement to the regulations stipulated by the Federal Arbitration Act, as well as any applicable local laws in the USA STRONG home jurisdiction. In any conflict of the conditions of this agreement with other local laws, the above-mentioned regulations may be used to resolve the dispute.

Communications and Other Content

Users of the USA STRONG website are allowed to post content such as, but not limited to, videos, photos, comments, and product or service reviews. They may submit information to the website in the form of questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions as long as this information complies with the following terms.

The information and data posted or uploaded by the user must not be:

  1. Defamatory, threatening, obscene, or defamatory to third parties. Furthermore, the content posted on USA STRONG must not be perceived as invasive of third parties’ privacy or illegal in any other way;
  2. Infringing any applicable intellectual property regulations and rights of third parties or otherwise be objectionable or injurious to said third parties;
  3. Containing malicious software, viruses, or anything other harmful to the devices of third parties;
  4. Possibly perceived as unsolicited communication via electronic messages, spam, mass mailing, chain letters, or political advertisement.

While registering and making use of the USA STRONG services, users are not allowed to:

  1. Use false personal information, including but not limited to first and last names, dates of birth, or email addresses;
  2. Impersonate any third parties, entities, or persons;
  3. Use any sort of content and communication method to mislead third parties regarding the content posted on USA STRONG’s website. USA STRONG reserves the exclusive right, but not obligation, to freely edit or remove any content infringing the terms and conditions defined here.

Any and all posting of content or any kind of material to USA STRONG, unless expressly indicated otherwise, gives USA STRONG sublicensable, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, and nonexclusive rights to display, distribute, derive content from, translate, publish, and modify or reproduce said content in any media form.

USA STRONG receives the right to utilize any names that are submitted in association with said content, should USA STRONG choose to do so.

The users who post content to USA STRONG have the sole responsibility to ensure that:

  1. The content is perceived as accurate in its niche;
  2. The content does not stand in conflict with the Terms and Conditions defined herein;
  3. The content will not be injurious to any entity, person, or another type of third party.

USA STRONG retains the right and not the obligation to remove, edit, or otherwise monitor any user content posted on the USA STRONG website or other user activity. USA STRONG has no liability or responsibility for the content posted by users or other third parties.

Your Account

In order to make use of USA STRONG services or products, users may be required to create and log into a specific user account. Users may also be required to associate their accounts with a valid payment method. If there are any issues with your selected and preferred primary payment method, you may be charged using other payment methods that are valid and associated with your user account.

The confidentiality of your user account is your sole responsibility. This includes but is not limited to users’ safeguarding their account usernames and passwords. All users are solely responsible for any and all activities performed on USA STRONG using their user accounts.

Any products intended for children and sold on USA STRONG are sold to adults who have access to permitted payment methods, including but not limited to debit and credit cards. Underage users may only use USA STRONG products and services via their parents or guardians.

USA STRONG has the exclusive right to cancel any user orders, edit or remove user content, terminate user accounts, and refuse service to users at its sole discretion.