Different Types of Self-Care

Stop and think for a moment — when was the last time you did something for yourself? Like taking a day off, paying attention to your hobbies, or doing anything that makes you happy. We know you probably can’t remember, and we want you to know you’re not alone. 

Many people pay a lot of attention to others, their peers, family, or loved ones. Going out of our way for the ones we love is something we’re all familiar with. But how about going out of our way for us? Unfortunately, that’s not something many prioritize.

The pandemic has taught us how imperative it is to put ourselves first. Giving yourself the love and care you show others is crucial for your well-being. We know what you might be thinking — the modern psychology self-care tips don’t work on you. Maybe you don’t even believe in them. That’s okay because we’re here to introduce you to various types of self-care.

Everyone is different, and we want to help you find out what works for you. That’s why we’ll talk not only about different self-care types but how they can help you. That will make it easier for you to implement them into your daily life. Ready to become the happier version of yourself? Keep reading.

Physical Self-Care

To simplify, we’ve divided self-care types into two big groups: physical and mental. And we’ll begin with physical because people usually don’t realize how much the things we do in the physical world impact our mental health. So, here’s what physical self-care can look like:

  • Exercising
  • Having a skin-care routine
  • Eating healthy food

It’s realistic to say that many people find those three things particularly challenging. And we won’t judge whatever your reasons may be for avoiding them. But let us tell you how these three simple things can make a positive impact.


Ah, cardio, the bane of everyone’s existence! But exercise doesn’t only include going to the gym and pushing your body to its limits. Sometimes, exercise can be as simple as taking a daily walk or stretching in the morning.

You may think exercising is one of the best self-care ideas for men, but women should participate in it just as much. So, how does this help you? Just think about it — doesn’t dancing to your favorite songs make you happy? Don’t you sleep better after a good workout? Being active really does keep you healthy.

Having a Skin-Care Routine

Didn’t you hear? Skin-care is self-care! Your skin-care routine is the perfect time for you to relax, unwind, and pay attention to yourself. So, take all the time you need, play music, or light a few candles. Set the mood because this is your time.

Aside from quality skin-care products, there are a variety of other self-care items for women and men alike that you can use, for example, the Zen Face Roller made from Himalayan salt. Not only will this roller help your skin look better, but the massage you give yourself is just another way to show that you care.

Eating Healthy Food

Practicing self-care is often hard. That’s especially the case when we’re not in the right state of mind or supposed to eat healthy food. Yup, we know how much you love junk food because everyone does! But just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it tastes bad. Take this Karmalize Organic Bundle, for example. Use it to make healthy brownies, chia pudding, and more!

Try leading a healthy lifestyle for just one week, and you’ll see how much difference it makes. Not to mention, the food we eat can directly impact our moods and productivity. Don’t believe us? Try it and see! We guarantee you’ll have a positive experience.

Mental Self-Care

The second self-care group type we want to talk about is mental self-care. To be honest, we can’t say either of the types is more important than the other. They complement one another, so practicing both is optimal for your health. So, here is what mental self-care could look like:

  • Seeing a therapist
  • Meditating
  • Reading

Mental self-care can be anything that stimulates your brain positively. Let’s see how our examples help.


If you’re struggling mentally, the best thing you can do for yourself is to see a therapist. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you need —  a therapist can find a way to help you sort your life out.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to see a therapist. But thankfully, we have other ways of practicing mental self-care you can try.


Spiritual self-care is one of the big subcategories of the mental self-care type, and meditation is the easiest way to practice it. But how does sitting down with your eyes closed do anything for you? Actually, it can do more than you think.

Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety but also promote self-awareness. So, next time you want to argue or make a big decision, meditate on it to help yourself discover a different perspective.


Finally, let’s talk about intellectual self-care. It doesn’t matter what you’re reading because you’re stimulating your brain, broadening your vocabulary, and, most importantly, learning.

Reading can also help you deal with emotions and other personal issues, especially if the characters are going through something similar. However, people usually use reading to escape reality, which isn’t always good. You can also read something like Follow Your Bliss Book, which might be one of the best self-care books for women. But don’t let that stop you from getting it as a self-care gift for men in your life.

Find What Works for You

Practicing self-care is all about finding what works for you. That means you shouldn’t copy other people’s routines, especially if they seem overwhelming. You can pick them apart, just like our list, and create your own because self-care is meant to make you feel better, not stress you.

We encourage you to check out our Self Care and Wellness collections for more ideas and products. Your next self-care holy grail might be waiting for you there.

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