How to Entertain Your Kids Indoors During Summer Rains

Summer may officially be just around the corner, but the weather is making us feel like it’s already here. It’s sunny days galore, and that’s what kids love the most. They get to be outside and play with their friends until the sun goes down! But what happens when we get a rainy surprise? Everyone’s stuck at home. What’s worse, these rains can sometimes last all day long.

Parents often struggle during this time because they aren’t sure how to keep their children entertained. That’s understandable since kids want to go outside and play. On the other hand, grown-ups have responsibilities and are torn in all directions. This is how coming up with games becomes harder than it is.

But don’t worry about that because we’re here to help out! Take a trip down our list of things to do with your kids that are guaranteed to entertain them. Plus, we have something that will be a fun activity and take a load of work off your back. Curious? Keep reading!


Make an Indoor Playground

Having an indoor playground is one of those activities for kids of all ages because there’s so much you can do with it. But how do you make it? Out of furniture, of course! Keep in mind that this type of indoor fun can make your furniture dirty or even torn. It will all depend on how much fun you want to have.

But we know your kids come first, and you’ll have to make sacrifices. That’s what parent’s do, after all. So, throw some pillows around, rearrange furniture, and put up some blankets! Not only can you make an indoor playground, but a whole fortress. Just think back to the times you were playing in one of those. Now, that’s what we call real indoor entertainment for kids.


The Perfect Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie? We know your kids do! With so many fun cartoons and movies out now, you’re bound to find something your children will enjoy. Of course, we’re not saying you should watch movies all day, especially if you’re trying to limit screen time. However, this is the perfect time to relax and immerse yourselves in different stories and plots.

Also, you can use this opportunity to teach your loved ones all kinds of things by watching educational programs or documentaries instead. These programs aren’t lacking interesting subjects, so let your young ones pick whatever they’re curious about.

If this part of your indoor fun proves successful, you can think of getting a mini projector for your home. This will make the experience more epic. Now pass the popcorn!


Activate Their Brains

Indoor games for 6-12 year olds don’t always have to be as passive as relaxing and watching movies. Contrarily, they don’t have to be as active as climbing the furniture either. So, it’s time to balance these activities by activating your children’s brains. 

What do we mean by this? Well, one of the best indoor activities for kids is building blocks. Don’t scroll down just yet because building blocks can be so much more than that. Take this Neon Genius Building Kit, for example. Sure, you can use blocks to make a windmill, but if you let your kids be creative. Who knows what they make out of it! Whatever they come up with, they’ll have a toy to play with for hours.

Puzzles are also a great way to activate a child’s brain. That is especially the case if they come in many pieces. Your kids find this boring? No problem, simply turn it into a race and see who puts their puzzle together first.


Cleaning Fun

Didn’t we say we’ll have a fun activity for your kids that takes a load of work off your to-do list? Here it is! We know what you’re thinking — there’s no way your children will find chores entertaining. But think again because all you have to do is make it fun for them.

This time we aren’t turning an activity into a race because we want younger and older kids to know chores can be fun. Also, we want them to do them right. So instead of a race, turn this into a real-life video game.

How will you do that if you aren’t familiar with games? It’s pretty easy. Big chores are main quests, and smaller ones are side quests. Each quest rewards your kids some points. When all chores are done, the number of points your kids have will determine their prize. Be creative, and let the games begin!


Treasure Hunt

Speaking of prizes, there’s no better way to have the whole family entertained for a long time than creating a treasure hunt. We even dare say this is one of the best indoor games for kids! This game can go in all kinds of directions, and it all depends on how crafty you are and want to be. 

If you want to make things simple and easy, hide some clues that will point your kids all over the house until they reach the treasure. Your hunt can even have a whole backstory behind it! This will help your kids immerse themselves even more. 

And what will the treasure be? Take a peek at our collection of toys & games for kids and pick whatever you like!


Be Creative!

The best way to ensure everyone’s entertained during long summer rains is to be creative. We understand that doesn’t come easy for many. That’s why we hope you found our list of indoor games useful.

Don’t worry if any of the entertainment you come up with falls short or doesn’t last long. You can always simply move on to the next game. If all else fails, the best way to learn how to entertain your child is to ask them what they want to do and let that be your guide.

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