USA-Made Fashion: Head to Toe!

Buying locally can have such an impact on your community. You will be able to change so many lives and improve the economy. And if you are interested in clothing, there are plenty of incredible, local brands from the U.S. that you should check out over at! You will find a selection of almost everything: shoes, leggings, shirts — you name it!


usastrong.IO — Krissy Sweatshirt


Krissy Sweatshirt


The fashion industry is huge. Every year brings countless new products, and each brand offers something different. But great income usually means branching, so the majority of companies have moved their production abroad. This saves them a lot of money, so the decision makes sense. 

However, that doesn’t mean that it is helping our country in any way. That is the primary reason we launched USA Strong.  Each product you find here is made in the U.S. Our goal is to improve the economy and go back to the old days when things were made in the USA.

If you are looking for a comfy sweatshirt, the Krissy model might be a perfect choice for you. The name of the model comes from our owner, and it is one of many models you can find in our store. 

It is available in white, ash, and black color, and it is 100% cotton. Krissy Sweatshirt is comfortable, comfy, and it is a part of an incredible collection. So, you can always pair it with Krissy Sweatpants


Celsius Network — Unbank Yourself And HODL T-Shirt


HODL and Unbank Yourself

The Unbank Yourself and HODL T-shirts are perfect options for those that enjoy a simplistic design. Each T-shirt designed by Celsius Network is made in California and shipped from New Jersey, so the entire manufacturing process is done in the country.

Naturally, the shirt is made of 100% cotton, and you can easily wash it in the washing machine. Celsius Network also offers numerous other products you can check out, and they all follow the same principle. If you are not into T-shirts, you can also find onesies for babies, hoodies, socks, and even accessories like Zippo lighters

Also, if you are wondering about the name of the T-shirt, well, Celsius Network wants to show us a new way of approaching finances and give us insight into how blockchain works. So, if you are looking to earn money, get nice clothes, and unbank yourself, now is the perfect opportunity. 


Cici Li Couture — Black Square Neck Knit Dress


Black Square Neck Knit Dress

There are many people who would like to buy more than just a T-shirt. Fortunately, there are plenty of options. Cici Li Couture is based in Great Neck, New York, and it has an incredible repertoire for you to check out. The great thing about the company is that they make sure everything is done in New York, so it is a perfect choice for anyone interested in buying clothes locally.

The Black Square Neck Knit Dress is just one of many examples of what you can find at Cici Li Couture. The dress is made of stretchy knit fabric, it’s lightweight, and it is a great choice for summer. Each dress is handmade, and there are plenty of options available when it comes to size. You can also check out a handy guide that will allow you to easily determine which size will be a perfect fit for you. 

Besides dresses, you can also find linen shorts, hoodies, vests, skirts, robes, and many more. With so many options and beautiful products, you will be tempted to buy all of them. 


YETI — Brushed Fleece Hoodie Pullover


YETI Brushed Fleece Hoodie Pullover


If you love wearing comfortable clothes, getting a hoodie is a marvelous choice. Today, we have one from YETI, a company based in Austin, Texas. Surprisingly enough, YETI started its journey in 2006 when they created the first cooler. This is the primary inspiration for the name since this mythical creature is often associated with cold areas of the country. 

YETI was determined to revolutionize the cooling industry, and today, they offer numerous different products designed to keep your food and beverages cold. But at the same time, YETI expanded to other areas, so you can find buckets, mugs, bags, and clothes in their stores. The hoodie we mentioned is made from a mixture of polyester and cotton, and it will keep you warm regardless of how cold it is outside. More importantly, it is so comfortable that you won’t want to take it off. 

The hoodie is available in different colors, and you can select between gray, red, and black. Keep in mind that the hoodie is designed for fall and winter, so it might not be the best choice for warmer months. 

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