Back to the Basics: A Skincare Routine That Works for Everyone

We know enough about skincare to say that if you think it’s easy, you’re probably doing it wrong. Or, you know, you just have a normal skin type. When you have dry or oily skin type, though, finding the right skincare products can be hell. That’s because various products claim they help your skin type, but the only thing they help you with is breaking out.

So, you have to learn to read the label and list of ingredients. Not only that, but you have to understand each individual ingredient and what they do in combination with others. On top of that, you see many celebrities using ten different products in their routines, so it’s only natural to think you need the same. Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you that’s far from the truth.

Think about it this way: your skin can absorb only so much stuff. After a while, slathering all those products on becomes pointless. So, we’re here to uncover the ultimate base routine that will work, no matter the skin type you have. And it consists of only three products you can always build upon. Eager to learn more? Keep reading.



The first step of every routine, no matter the skin type, is a facial cleanser. If you love wearing makeup, this step is all the more important. In fact, you should look into double-cleansing in this case.

The purpose of the cleanser is to rid your face of dirt and debris that has accumulated during the day or while you slept. But even a product with such good intentions can be harmful to your skin. How come? Some of these cleansers can be pretty strong, leaving your skin dry, flaky, and in need of moisture.

If you have a normal skin type, you’re free to pick any product off the shelf and use it because your skin is unlikely to rebel against it. People with oily and dry skin types need to look into gentle cleansers that are strong enough to clean but not strip them of the natural oils their faces need. Look into gel-like or foamy textures, test the waters, and see which ones you like the best.


Moisturizing Cream

Even if your cleanser leaves you a little dry, that’s nothing a good moisturizing cream can’t fix. Now, some people think they don’t need this step in the routine. We’re looking at you oily-faced folk. Yes, even your face needs moisture.

On the other hand, people with dry skin type know and appreciate moisturizing creams. Why? Because their faces are usually so dry that it might even start flaking. But that’s nothing some makeup can’t fix, right? Well, let us give you the best beauty tip — your makeup will look so much better if you take care of your skin first.

So, apply your moisturizing cream of choice after you pat your face dry (don’t rub it with a towel!). Oily-skinned people will appreciate water-based creams, while dry-skinned folk might need something richer in texture. Something like this Lemon Face Cream.



Finally, let’s talk about sunscreen, SPF, or whatever you’d like to call it. If you’re asking us, we call it the one and only fountain of youth. How? Sunscreen is the only thing that keeps your skin young and healthy. Not only do we not want you to have wrinkles and discoloration when you’re older, but sunscreen also protects you from skin cancer. Since nobody is immune to that, this product is something everyone should use daily, no matter their age, gender, skin type, or skin color.

But there’s no use in googling the best sunscreen 2022 if you’re not familiar with the differences between mineral and chemical products. Chemical sunscreens use chemicals to filter the UV rays while mineral ones physically block out the rays with ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Another thing you need to know is that mineral sunscreen is usually a better fit for people with oily skin types because it’s easier on the skin. 


Skincare Doesn’t End There

Or at least it doesn’t have to. This is the basic routine that will work for everyone, but many people have other issues they want to take care of. For example, acne scars, hyperpigmentations, and others. To deal with those, you’ll need to use serums containing active ingredients like this Vitamin C Face Serum.

But to find the serums that work for you, you’ll have to do some serious research and digging. While on your search, you’ll come across many different skincare techniques too, like slugging skincare, for example. But don’t let that confuse you because you don’t really have to use any of them for your skin to look good. All you need is to find out which products are best for you.

If you’re having trouble finding what works for you, you can always visit a dermatologist or cosmetologist. They’ll know which products you need based on your skin type and the goals you want to achieve. Not to mention, you might even need some facial treatments done because not everything can be fixed with skincare. While that is unfortunate, just think about the outcome caring for your skin will have.


Skin Care Is Self Care

Lastly, don’t forget about your ears, neck, and lips because they deserve love too! Take care of your lips with this America the Beautiful Lip Balm, and you’ll never have to worry about them looking cracked again.

We’ve spoken about how skin care is self care in some of the previous blogs, and it’s true! Your skin is the largest organ in (well… on) your body, protecting it from harm. However, it can't be resilient to all things. That’s where you step in. Plus, the skin on your face isn’t the only one that needs care and protection. Nourish your body with creamy shower gels, oils, regular exfoliation, and lotions. Trust us when we say that your skin will pay you back tenfold.

Looking for more skincare products to try out? Check out our Self Care & Skin collection and discover American-made skincare!

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