Seller Terms and Conditions


Listing fees
No listing fees.

Advertising or promotional fees
No advertising or promotional fees.

Transaction fees

When vendor makes a sale through Marketplace, vendor is charged 10% of the price displayed (not applicable for tax charges).

The Strong+ experience, vendor is charged a total of 15% of the price displayed (not applicable for tax charges).

Customer is charged $5.99 for each shipment. Anything above is a responsibility of a 3rd party (seller). It's a responsibility of 3rd party seller to ship the item within 3 days and provide a tracking number and shipping method through the system.

Services We Provide Free of Charge:
Our Strong Team works for you, the community.

Our Strong Team spends countless hours verifying every account to ensure that only top verified brands and products are being showcased on the usastrong.IO platform.

Our Strong Team includes Retail, Technology, Design & Marketing experts who build an individual storefront for every shop owner.

These Services Include:
- Showcasing your story and mission across all usastrong.IO website and social channels
- Curating a highly tailored data driven assortment.
- Creating Banners, Copy, Content, SEO

Strong+ Services Include:
- Wine & Spirits

To get paid for sales, vendor must have a PayPal account, and vendor must provide the PayPal email to our system (Profile > Payment details).

Questions about the Seller Terms and Conditions should be sent to us at