Seller Terms and Conditions


Listing fees
No listing fees.

Advertising or promotional fees
No advertising or promotional fees.

Transaction fees

When vendor makes a sale through Marketplace, vendor is charged 5% of the price displayed (not applicable for tax charges).

Should vendor choose usastrong.IO+ experience, vendor is charged a total of 10% of the price displayed (not applicable for tax charges).

Shopify Payments transaction fee of 2.6% + $0.46 is covered by vendor.

Customer is charged $5.99 for each shipment. Anything above is a responsibility of a 3rd party (seller). It's a responsibility of 3rd party seller to ship the item within 3 days and provide a tracking number and shipping method through the system.

Additional services (usastrong.IO+ experience)
If vendor is not able to create and maintain a storefront on Marketplace, our team will create and maintain the storefront for the vendor.

To get paid for sales, vendor must have a PayPal account, and vendor must provide the PayPal email to our system (Profile > Payment details).

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