How to Enhance Your Summer Outfits?

Summer is here! Well, if you live in the warmer parts of the USA, summer never really left. Living in the warmer areas means you’re all too familiar with a variety of outfits you rock all year. But trends change, and we can’t help but wonder — what are some cute summer outfits in 2022? And that’s what we’re here to discover!

However, we won’t give you complete outfits. Oh no! We want to spark your creativity and see what you come up with. So, we’ll talk about how you can enhance your summer outfits instead. From unique accessories to interesting patterns, we have all the info you need. Once you find out how to spice things up, you’ll be able to mix and match and get much more out of your summer ‘fits.

Eager to find out what we’ve prepared for you? Let’s jump in!



We know what you’re thinking — jackets in the summer are an absolute no-go. Just imagine how warm you would be in the Texan or Californian sun if you had a jacket on. But hear us out. This clothing item is something you can throw on top of any basic outfit and elevate it instantly. For example, you can wear them over summer dresses, basic crop-top and shorts outfits, and anything else you can think of.

Of course, we’re not talking about any kind of jacket that will add warmth. Contrarily, we’re talking about statement pieces that will make you more fashionable and even cool you down. Confused? Look at this Anderson Jacket because it’s the perfect example of what we’re talking about. It’s made from lightweight materials, making it good for layering over just about anything this summer. We’re definitely adding it to our wishlist.



Tight pants are so last year. They’re nowhere near ideal for summer because they’ll literally stick to you. Just think about how hard it is to put these pants on. Then, imagine how hard it is to take them off when you’re hot and sweaty. So, what should you do instead? Try bell-bottoms!

Trends always circle back and flared jeans or pants are one of them. Sure, they’re still pants, but they’re wide enough not to bother you even during the hottest summer days. Not to mention, bell-bottoms will elongate your legs and make your hips appear smaller. That’s why they’re on all plus size summer outfits 2022 lists.

Keep in mind that these pants don’t have to be simple. We’re way past monochromatic bottoms or simple jeans at this point. Finding bell-bottoms in fun patterns and colors will help you elevate your ‘fits instead. These are also a great addition to your summer concert outfits because they’re usually very comfy.


Unique Earrings

On the other hand, summer outfits can’t always be fun and colorful. We wish life stopped and turned into nothing but fun on sunny days, but it’s not always like that. What are we talking about? Work, events, and business meetings. These are the times when you should look presentable and professional. But, we’ll teach you how to sneak some fun into your outfit.

Think about the last time you had to look professional. These outfits usually fit the business-casual category, so there’s not much you can do to stand out, right? We’ll let you in on a little secret — you can make all your outfits fun with accessories. We’re specifically talking about unique earrings. Still, you should look as put together as possible, so we suggest something like The Arch Earrings. They’re fun, come in many colors, but still look professional enough not to ruin your businessy outfit.



Remember when we said that trends are coming back? The same rings true for skorts. Actually, they never retired, according to female tennis players. But why are they so popular? Because they’re fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Let’s be real, not many women feel comfy wearing short skirts, but many of them would want to. Wearing a skort is the solution to all of their problems! Because this clothing item looks like a skirt but is actually shorts. With this in mind, you can use it to add some flair to your summer outfits, and be comfortable in the process.

But which summer outfits is skort a good addition to? Think of something casual like basic tees with sneakers. Depending on the design, skorts can be pretty formal too, so keep that in mind while dressing up.


Men’s Button-Ups

We’ve only talked about women so far, but we can’t forget men. Why? Because everyone wants to look stylish! So, what about men’s summer outfits 2022? It’s button-ups galore! Well, at least it should be. Button-ups will help dress you up or down. Whichever direction you take them, they’ll be able to enhance your fits.

The most important thing to remember is to never choose boring styles. It’s summer, so let’s act like it! What do we mean? Pick something with colors, patterns, and more. No inspiration? Here’s our suggestion — Watermelon Camp Collar Shirt. Wouldn’t you say that this button-up is the embodiment of summer? Colorful, fun, loose-fitting, and made out of cotton!

And the best thing of all? It’s unisex! So watch out because your girlfriend may want to steal it.


Get Creative!

The best way to enhance your outfits for any season is to be bold and get creative. You don’t always have to worry about things matching because confidence is what helps anything look good on you. So, wear something that makes you feel good, and you’ll always stand out!

Looking to get more out of your outfits? We’ll help you find inspiration. Check out our website’s Clothing and Accessories selections and always stay on top of trends. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses, and there’s nothing more we love than that.

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