Sustainable Does Not Always Mean American-Made

It was USA Made But It Is a Win-Win Situation


As we are entering the tenth month of the global pandemic that’s been gutting economies worldwide, we have to think hard about the purchasing decisions we make. The global market has been volatile. 

What does that mean for small businesses? What does it mean for the average person who’s working hard to support her/his family?

It means we all have to pull harder to give the hardworking person a chance to fight and keep her/his business afloat. So, investing in the local economy and supporting our communities is becoming increasingly important. 

Over the last few decades, we, as consumers, have become more conscious of how we spend our money. The shift from wasteful to sustainable products has been evident. 

Sustainable products have a strong environmental impact. But sustainable doesn’t always mean American-made. We’re living in a time when our local economic ecosystems are dwindling. So, we need to make sure we’re investing our money and not just spending it.

Not all products labeled sustainable are made in the U.S. Thus, purchasing them without reading where they were made doesn’t necessarily support your local community. We all need to read the fine print.

Where was it made and how was it made. 


Buying and supporting American-made products goes beyond simple support. It allows our local economies to bounce back after the continuous hits it’s been taking over the last year or so. 

Why Buying American-Made Products Matters

Buying American-made products means supporting your local small businesses struggling to make ends meet even on the best of days. By doing so, you’re investing money in your local community, thus creating a better environment for friends and family to thrive. 

When it prospers, so do your business associates, friends, family, and ultimately, you. Buying locally-made products strengthens every step of our country’s economic ladder and helps reduce the trade deficit on a local and global level.

Of course, that’s not to say that American-made products aren’t sustainable. Quite the opposite, in fact! Because small (and large) local businesses make and sell everything here, you’re also protecting the environment by buying locally. The unavoidable impact of the manufacturing process and transportation diminishes when you buy locally made products.

So, although sustainable does not always equal that it was American-made, American-made products are better both for the local economy and the environment. 

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