Why usastrong.IO?

We started this company with a mission to bring Transparency to the supply chain and reinvigorate USA Made manufacturing. We are bringing jobs back, bringing local pride back, and giving back. 

It starts with the STRONG community sourcing and verifying that all the products on our platform are USA MADE.

By connecting all the pieces of the process, we can source faster, ship faster, and rebuild our local economies faster. 


Who Is USA STRONG Inc | usastrong.IO ?

usastrong.IO is an American e-commerce shopping platform focused on Verified USA MADE products. These items fall into a wide range of categories, clothing, accessories, paper goods, food, athletic wear. All items must be made in the United States in order to be on the platform.


What Is USA STRONG Inc | usastrong.IO

usastrong.IO is an online community marketplace focusing on sourcing, verifying, and selling USA MADE products. usastrong.IO has a unique verifying and authenticating process, Strong Blockchain™️ guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of everything we sell. 


Who Is USA STRONG | usastrong.IO For?

usastrong.IO  is for everyone who cares about their local communities.

Our goal is to support the creativity of people in the local community while boosting the importance of small businesses and boosting local manufacturing. By creating this unique ecosystem, we are providing financial support to our communities.

Whether you support local businesses, search for USA MADE products, want to join the movement, or are feeling creative — you are in the right place.

If you want to feel comfortable in your clothes and with the products you own, while at the same time feeling guilt-free in knowing your products are responsibly made, you can shop freely with us.

Each product you find on our site is made by someone you can trust, your neighbor, at your local store, or by your friend, and then verified and guaranteed for by someone you know.  There is no fake advertising. There are no “bits and pieces” made and sent to another country to be finished. We broadcast live on Strong TV every week to bring Main Street into your homes. 

Every purchase has a cause and reason, is directly helping someone you know, and has an impact on helping someone. 

It’s for you...



We are building a diverse network of people who celebrate local communities, local manufacturing, transparency, and entrepreneurship. 

The team of State Directors and Ambassadors work for their local communities and each other. They are responsible for job creation, sourcing, verifying, and selling USA MADE products.

Our Mission Through the Eyes of usastrong.IO CEO

Our CEO and Founder, Krissy Mashinsky, has spent 20+ years in the fashion world — working with Calvin Klein, BCBG, and Free People, she has spent decades of her life in NYC, building a successful career alongside her husband, Alex Mashinsky, while raising her six children, and she feels passionate about bringing U.S. manufacturing back. 

“When I first started in the fashion industry in 1995, the NYC garment district had 20 blocks of back to back local American manufacturing, today we have none. This holds true across America, across many industries. It’s time to reverse this tide. By creating a community of shoppers at usastrong.IO who care about where their products are being made, and support locally made initiatives we can enable new manufacturing, new jobs, new hope to sprout and be successful together. This leads ultimately to our financial independence. At usastrong.IO we developed a unique technology and verifying system named Strong Blockchain “USA MADE”, which provides the shopper with a trusted solution. We verify through a unique shared barcode that each retailer and product were locally made and produced.”

Importance of Locally Made Products

Why are locally made products so important? Why is our focus on them?

What many don’t know is that less than 2% of apparel bought in the U.S. is made in the U.S. 

What speaks even louder about the fact that we stopped buying USA MADE products are jobs lost. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American manufacturing lost almost 6 million jobs between 2000 and 2017.

And while we used to be proud to be wearing, eating, and using various American made products rather than imported ones, this decrease in domestically sourced manufacturing leaves us with fewer and fewer options. 

So why has this changed so drastically?

Why are we choosing lower quality and lower prices over supporting our U.S. brands and local craftsmanship?

Is it because we are trying to save money?


Is it because U.S. designers don’t have the right product? 

No, the best brands are designed in the U.S.

We are missing the manufacturing, and thus we have had no choice but to outsource to other countries.

Let’s fix that together. USA MADE products make a difference.

The EPI estimates that every US manufacturing job supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other parts of the economy.

Manufacturers and Consumers will be coming together on USAstrong.Io

That means quality goods from a verified source. 

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