I got approved, now what?

Now that you're approved to sell on usastrong.IO, you can start with the following: 

  • Prepare the assets for your store
    • Logo and Seller image in size 300x300px
    • Store Banner in size 2560x450px
    • Your story & store description
    • Product Listing with pricing scheme to cover for free shipping
    • If your products cost less than $20, we recommend bundling products together and list items with higher value. From our experience, that resonates a lot better with the customers.
    • Product images in size 1000x1000px
  • Create your storefront
  • Upload your products
  • When you get your first order, this is how you can fulfill it
  • If you want to connect your Shopify store, follow this guide
  • If you want to get verified on Strong Blockchain, start the process here