How to add a product to my storefront

In order to add a product to your storefront you need to log into your Seller account using your credentials. Once logged in, hover over the Products tab and click Products Listing.



From there navigate to the top right corner of your screen and click Add Product.


You can now start adding the details for your product: 


On the left, you'll see: 

  • Product name: Add the product name to this field

  • Product Long Description: Product description that's displayed next to the product image should be written here. Make sure you write a good and thorough description, the better the description, the higher the chance to get a sale! 

  • Subcategory: You can add your products to subcategories on our marketplace using Tags. Here's a guide on how to use tags to get your products in the correct categories. 

On the right: 

  • Product images: You can upload images for your product here. Make sure that images are 1000x1000px and that you upload at least 3 images for every product. Images play a huge part in grabbing customer attention, you should upload some awesome images there!

  • Pick your state: This is where you can add product to the state of origin. Click Select some options and add our product to a "Made in" collection. This is a required field, so make sure you selected a state before you save your product.

Below the first two sections that you see, you need to add some more product specific details: 

  • In Shipping details, you need to add product weight and select a Shipping method. Shipping method should always be Free Shipping. Account for free shipping when creating your pricing scheme. 

  • Add product price Pricing Details section. If you're product is on sale, add the original price in Compare at price field, and add a discounted price in Price field. 

  • In Inventory Details section, you can manage the inventory for your product. Make sure you add SKU and Barcode, if you don't have a Barcode, you can reuse the SKU value and add it to the Barcode field. Set how many products are available, and if you want to keep selling even when inventory hits zero, check the last box in that section. 

  • If your product has multiple options like Color, Size, etc., you can add product variants in Variant Details section. Read all about product variants and how to manage them here

  • Under Custom Fields, you need to add the state where the product is manufactured and state from which the product is shipped from. If the product can't be shipped inside the usual 3 day timeframe, select the shipping expectations for that product in Shipping Expectations field.

When you're done adding all product information, click Save Changes.