How do I create my storefront?

Once you've been approved to join usastrong.IO marketplace, we'll create an account for you and send the access information to your inbox. 

When you log into your account for the first time, you will end up on your Profile page, where you can start creating your storefront. 

  • In Account Details section on the left, add all the information about your Business. The information you add there will be shown on your usastrong.IO storefront. 

It's important to add your store description and seller store, that will add a personal touch to your storefront, and it will be a huge step in making a good connection with the customer. 

  • On the right hand side, you can upload a Seller Photo and your Business Logo. Both are displayed on your storefront, but if you do not want to upload the owner's photo, you should upload your business logo in both places, just to avoid having a default placeholder as your image. 

Both images should be 300x300px to make sure that images are rendered properly. 

  • Once you're done with the first two sections, scroll down to Extra information section. You'll see a place to add your verification badge image there. If you're still not verified with Strong Blockchain, you can start your verification here
  • At the bottom of your profile page, you'll see the option to add your store banner. To make sure that your banner is displayed properly, make sure that the image dimensions are 2560x450px. 

When you're done with editing your profile, click Save Changes.

The next thing you should do is to add your payment details, so you can get paid for all the sales you make over usastrong.IO. Hover over Profile in the top navigation, and click Payment Details.

Add your PayPal email address and click Save. 

Now that you have your storefront ready, you can start adding your products

*Our commitment is to get every vendor's shop up and running within a month of the date they applied. If we do not hear from you, we may move forward with building your shop on and follow up with you when it is complete for you to approve.