Influencive Considers USA Strong the Alternative to Amazon

Krissy Mashinsky: The Entrepreneur and Social Media Star Taking on Amazon.

Are 30 years of eCommerce experience enough to defeat Amazon? Influencive talks about and considers USA Strong and its founder as a solution.

Amazon has been in the spotlight lately, but for all the wrong reasons. Poor practices, even worse work ethics, and knockoff products don’t make any brand look good. But how do you defeat such a strong and seemingly immovable force? You make like Krissy Mashinsky and start your own brand.

There are identifiable hurdles that come with not using Amazon, but USA Strong helps people jump over them. The USA Strong, Influencive reports, is the perfect alternative to Amazon’s retail arm. The platform features, sells, and verifies all things USA. What’s more, it’s increasingly popular with female entrepreneurs and gives 90% of the sale revenue back to the seller.

While boycotting Amazon isn’t unheard of, it’s hard for such a monopoly to just disappear. However, the effort and push the USA Strong and its founder are putting in are showing us that alternatives not only exist but work.

Find out what else the Influencive had to say about USA Strong and its founder Krissy Mashinsky by reading the full article here.

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