How Buying USA Made Keeps You Safe and Healthy?

Good health is the greatest treasure we can possess, but we often take it for granted. It’s not rare for people to adopt the mindset that nothing can hurt them. What exactly do we mean? For example, not washing your produce before preparing and consuming it. What’s the worst that can happen, right? It’s just some dirt. At least, that’s what people may think.

Americans come in contact with 80,000 chemicals daily, but not all of them are bad for us. How come? Well, just think about the fact that oxygen is a chemical element. But besides that, the USA manufacturers stick to a strict set of rules and have the FDA towering over them to ensure everything is made in accordance with the law and public health regulations.

But what if you’re shopping online or from international companies that don’t follow the same rules and regulations? There’s no telling what can happen. We’re not saying all international businesses are bad and that their products will harm you. But unfortunately, people’s health sometimes suffers due to their poor shopping choices.

That’s why we want to encourage you to shop locally. So, let’s talk more in-depth about how that keeps you safe.

Toxic Fashion

First, let’s talk about the thing nobody suspects could harm us — clothing. We all know that clothes are made using textile, but did you know that textile goes through all kinds of chemical treatments before you buy it? The worst thing is that, sometimes, companies make mistakes and don’t wash chemicals away completely. That means you can absorb them through the biggest organ in your body — the skin.

With that in mind, we won’t even begin to talk about the various reactions you can get. Of course, allergic reactions come to mind first because we never know what we might be allergic to. But what about chemical burns? Unfortunately, they happen much more often than you’d think.

These kinds of reactions happen when you buy clothing from unreliable suppliers or sellers. So, you are not only getting a cheaply made product but also risking your health. Sadly, the environmental hazards are just as bad because 25% of the global chemical output comes from the textile industry. And its worst offender? China, which has polluted over 70% of its rivers with toxic chemicals and waste.

If that doesn’t make you think twice about who you’re buying clothing from, we don’t know what will.

It’s Not Just Clothes

We’re sure you now know why you should always wash your clothes after buying them, especially when you know they come from brands and countries that are all about fast fashion. But what about other things? What about the food you eat? It, too, is treated with a variety of chemicals. We’re mostly talking about pesticides that are used to destroy insects that could prevent produce growth. But what about other chemicals we don’t know about? They can be problematic and, even worse, ingested when we eat.

The scary part here is that food is not the only problem you should be wary of. The pots and pans you prepare food in are also treated with a variety of chemicals that can be harmful. If not cleaned or removed properly during the manufacturing process, things can go as far as poisoning.

We know we might’ve scared you with this subject, but there’s nothing to fear when you’re shopping consciously. Wouldn’t you have peace of mind knowing that the items you buy are safe to wear, use and consume? Also, wouldn’t you like to know where your items are really coming from? We know that would put our minds at ease, so we’ve developed a solution.

Our Solution

At this point, you know we’re encouraging you to shop locally, but let’s talk about why we’re insisting. Local businesses deliver high-quality products and customer service at fair prices. While that’s great to know, these businesses also have to follow the laws and regulations of our country. What does that mean? It means that products coming from small businesses are less likely to harm you because the standards are so high and the rules are strict.

But how do you know which businesses are truly local? Also, how do you know they’re not using harmful ingredients or chemicals to treat their products? There’s just too much we couldn’t know that made us suspicious — until now.

Our founder came up with the USA Strong Verification system that guarantees transparency between brands and their customers. In fact, we encourage businesses to share information regarding their manufacturing processes and supplies. Why? Because we want to ensure that each step of their production is fully USA Made. Yes, we even want them to use the USA workforce.

This transparency helps brands and customers build trust. And we keep all this information safely stored on the STRONG blockchain. The best thing about it all? You, the customer, can take a look at brand information any time you want and make an informed decision about whether to trust them or not.

That’s how USA Strong not only connects local businesses with customers but ensures that customers have peace of mind knowing they’re buying quality products that won’t harm them.

Putting Health First

Your safety, health, and satisfaction are our biggest priorities. We would never deliberately do something to harm any of our customers, and that’s why we want brands we work with to be transparent. If they build trust with us, they’ll just as easily build trust with you.

So, to ensure your safety, we’ve given all verified brands a badge you can find on our website. That’s how you’ll know who to trust. But remember that you can always see the information they’ve provided yourself. Don’t make shopping a mindless activity. Be conscious, and make informed decisions.

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