Avoid Dealing With Shipping With This One Simple Hack

Ah, the beauty of the Internet and online shopping. Suddenly, the things you’ve always wanted are readily available to you, only a few clicks away. All who are familiar with online shopping know its so-called dangers. We simply mean that it’s way too addicting! But there’s one thing about it that often drives people away and makes them opt for going to physical stores instead — shipping.

Don’t get us wrong: shipping itself isn’t the problem. Sellers often aren’t in control of the fees, so while they might be high, that’s simply how it has to be. Why? Just imagine how far your item has to travel to reach your destination. That’s bound to cost a lot of money. And while we understand that shipping fees are necessary, they can still make us not go through with a purchase.

On the other hand, dealing with shipping is seemingly easy because the seller does everything for you — you just need to pick your package up. But what happens when your order takes over a month to arrive? Sometimes it never even reaches you! And that’s not the end of the shipping headaches because have you ever had something stuck in customs? We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemies.

Luckily, we have a solution for you. Yes, there is a way to get yourself out of the shipping nightmare once and for all. Also, when you start enforcing this solution, you’ll be making a seriously positive impact on your community, environment, and economy. Eager to know what we’re talking about? Read on.

In Locals We Trust

You did read that right — shopping locally will end the shipping nightmares once and for all! We want to preface that by saying that the locals you choose to support don’t have to be in your community only. They can be all over the USA because we want to talk to you about the importance of prioritizing shopping USA Made, in general.

We know what you’re thinking: how does shopping USA-made solve the shipping problem when items have to be shipped cross-country and between states? While that is true, you won’t have to deal with insane fees, customs, or even waiting for your packages for months (or crossing your fingers that they arrive at all). Instead, you’re getting a quality product on time.

We also mentioned that prioritizing this solution has a positive global impact, and we weren’t kidding. Supporting local shops helps you indirectly support the communities they’re from because the locals love giving back. Not only that, but you’re helping save the environment by lowering the number of greenhouse gasses produced when your items travel far and wide to reach you. Lastly, we don’t even have to mention that supporting shops originally from your country helps the economy bloom.

The Dropshipping Problem

Unfortunately, shopping locally isn’t an ideal solution because this is where you can run into another problem — dropshipping businesses. These businesses aren’t inherently bad as a whole. All they have to do is be transparent about what they’re doing, but that isn’t always the case.

Sadly, dropshippers sometimes claim that their products are fully USA Made, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The unsuspecting customers then support these businesses because they think they’re doing the right thing and supporting their country. But what they end up figuring out is that dropshipping businesses sell products that they not only aren’t making but don’t even keep in stock. Instead, they pass the order on to the company they’re dropshipping from, and that’s how your order gets processed.

If you weren’t familiar with these kinds of businesses, we know this might seem scary and like you don’t know who to trust anymore. But don’t worry because we have the solution to this problem too.

The USA Strong Solution

Transparency has always been something our founder has been passionate about. That’s only natural because honesty is the only way to build trust between people. So, why shouldn’t the same work for businesses and their customers? In fact, it does, but it should go much deeper than companies saying their products are quality and not omitting the truth.

Since we want to encourage people to shop locally, we’ve made a system that helps them differentiate true locals from those that aren’t. But what does being an authentic local business mean, to begin with? It means each part of their business and manufacturing process is USA Made. Yes, all the way down to the nuts and bolts and the workforce they use.

However, you can never know what goes on behind closed doors of any business, can you? Well, that’s about to change with our USA Strong Verification system. This system helps businesses be transparent with their customers by inviting them to share information about their work practices willingly. We’re mainly talking about information involving their supply chain, where a business is based, and such.

Not only do we keep this information bulletproof on the STRONG blockchain, but customers can check everything out for themselves. If a business wishes to be double-verified, it can even get a Community verification. This only further ensures that they’re trustworthy and actually USA Made.

Trustworthy Locals Help You Avoid Shipping

And just like that, you now know how to avoid the shipping nightmare and support your country at the same time. Avoiding dropshippers and spotting authentic locals isn’t a problem anymore with our Verification system.

So, how can you go about shopping now? Simply look for businesses that have a Verified badge on our website because we’ve confirmed that they’re USA Made and trustworthy. And the best part about that is that you can take a look at the info they’ve provided and make an informed decision yourself. Not only will you never have to deal with annoying shipping fees and waiting times again, but you’ll be actively making a positive impact. And it’s only possible with the USA Strong Verification system.

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