Tired of Bad Customer Service? Here’s How to Have a Better Experience

Imagine this — you buy the best product ever and are overjoyed. It’s everything you ever wanted, the quality checks out, and the price was reasonable. But the customer service you had to deal with was horrendous, to say the least. How likely are you to shop with a brand like that again? We know we wouldn’t come back.

Quality isn’t that hard to find if you know where to look, but good customer service? That’s a rare sight to see. We’re not trying to bash anyone here. However, not everyone is cut out for this line of work. You have to be nice to people even if you’re having the worst day possible, and that’s no easy task. Also, dealing with all kinds of people daily isn’t most people’s cup of tea.

So, while good customer service can be difficult to find, you have the power to completely change your experience. And we’re not just talking about never shopping with a brand again, even though that is an option. If you’re tired of always running into annoying customer support workers and want a better experience, read on.

Why Are Bad Experiences Common?

Before we jump into telling you how to have a better experience, we believe it’s important to understand why bad experiences happen in the first place. We get it: anyone can have a bad day, and not everyone is equipped to deal with it. You never know what tomorrow will bring, but you do know that your job is waiting for you.

Besides having a bad day, some people don’t even want to go to work. But, it might be the only one they could land, or they have to work to sustain themselves. We agree that these kinds of people may not be in the best position, but everyone needs money.

Finally, people can just be rude by nature, although such folks are few and far between. And what happens when one rude person having a bad day meets another rude person having a bad day? They clash, and you get a classic case of a bad customer service experience.

An honorable mention goes to companies that don’t see the importance of good customer service but need workers anyway. These businesses don’t put any time, effort, or resources to find good workers or educate the ones they already have. Unfortunately, this results in the kind of customer service that makes people not want to come back.

Why Does Good Customer Service Matter?

It goes without saying that trust, quality, and good employees can make or break a business. With that in mind, it’s natural to assume that everyone wants their favorite brand to have all three. Why? Because a brand with quality but no trust can’t succeed. Similarly, those with trust but bad employees meet the same fate. Well, unless you’re Karen’s Diner.

We now know that good customer service is what makes people keep coming back. Yes, even if a brand doesn’t have the best products, people crave to be treated well, and we don’t blame them.

How to Have a Better Customer Service Experience?

We’ve finally reached the part of the blog you were looking for — the part when we teach you all about how to have a better customer service experience. Yes, even if you’re the employee working with customers, you can greatly contribute and make them have a positive experience.

So, what can you do? Being kind goes a long way, so try practicing it even if you don’t feel like it. Why? Because you never know what the other person is going through, and they might need to have a good experience too. It doesn’t hurt to try smiling more or having pleasant small talk from time to time.

But probably the best advice we can give you is to shop locally. The locals know how to treat their customers with respect and kindness because they know these people are what makes the business bloom. Not only that, but more often than not, local businesses will have more quality products because they are aiming for quality instead of quantity.

We’re not saying that international companies are bad just because you had one bad customer service experience. But, we want you to take a step further in ensuring your experiences are always positive and you get the best quality product possible. And that can only be done through shopping USA-made.

How to Spot the Locals?

Yes, knowing the locals can be difficult at times because you can’t always know everyone from your community. Not only that, but there have been instances where businesses tried to lie and say they’re locals but actually weren’t. In fact, they’ve been getting supplies internationally, which is not something a truly local business should do.

So, first of all, what makes a business local? If you ask us, it’s the local supplies, workforce, and having a local base. In translation — local everything! Since you can’t really know what goes on behind closed doors during the production process, how do you know if a business is being truthful? With our USA Strong Verification system, of course!

This system helps local businesses offer their customer base true transparency. All curious customers can take a peek at exclusive business info regarding their supplies and manufacturing processes. The best thing of all is that the information is safely stored on blockchain, making it bulletproof. What does this give you, a potential customer? It gives you peace of mind knowing that a business is truly trustworthy.

Have a Good Customer Service Experience Every Time!

To summarize, how do you ensure you have a good customer service experience every time? By shopping locally! This is where you can run into the problem of not knowing which brands are truly local. But, it isn’t something you should worry about much because our USA Strong Verification system has your back.

So, look for businesses with our Verified badge, and never have to worry about quality or customer service again!

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