USA Made Benefits for The Workforce

How many of your loved ones or acquaintances have jobs? Think about what they have to say about the working conditions. Let us guess — they differ based on the company. That’s only natural, especially if they’re not working for local employers. Why? Because the rules from the company’s country of origin may apply, and that can mean a myriad of things that often aren’t good.

Unfortunately, not every country operates with workers in mind. In fact, many often exploit labor, and nobody wants to support that. But you know who doesn’t do any of that? Small businesses. Why? Simply because they’re close-knit working communities that always have their employees’ well-being in mind. And when you’re working with someone so closely, you won’t want to exploit them. In fact, you’ll want to do anything in your power to support them.

Sadly, not everyone can work for a small business right now, but they could in the future. Why? Because shopping locally benefits the workforce in more ways than one. Let’s learn more about it.


The Cycle of Benefits

Let’s start with what being USA Made even means. The USA Made verification system helps businesses have complete transparency with their customers. That means all the relevant data and information proving a business is USA Made is readily available to you, the potential consumer. In short, you want to know who you’re giving your money to. You want to know that each part of a business’ production is American-made.

But why is that so important? Because when you support small businesses, you support and boost the economy and your local communities. And that’s not all because you’re directly and indirectly affecting America’s workforce in a positive way.

Here’s how the cycle of benefits goes:

  • Supporting small businesses increases the demand for their products and services
  • This directly results in them having to hire more employees
  • Their demand for local supplies and services increases too, so other local businesses have to also hire more employees

The list goes on and on, and that’s how new job opportunities are created. But that isn’t the only thing that matters here. We do want more work for the unemployed, but not at all costs.

People deserve decent working conditions…

The fact remains that people usually leave their jobs because of low pay or unfair treatment. Being unable to learn and progress in their careers plays a part too. Luckily, America isn’t a country where businesses exploit labor because we have strict labor laws. Not only that, but Workers’ Rights are there to protect everyone from being mistreated at the workplace.

But the best way to ensure people get decent jobs is to support small businesses. Why? Because they can offer better overall working conditions. Sure, we agree that local businesses may not be able to give you some of the benefits larger corporations can. However, you shouldn’t overlook what they do give.

Working in a local business gives you more than just fair pay. It gives you a chance to learn, be a jack of all trades, and make a real impact. Also, you can experiment, work closely with your superiors, and have your voice heard on things that matter.

The numbers don’t lie…

But, as always, we like to be transparent and offer proof, which is exactly what we ask from businesses during the verification process. According to the latest statistics, the unemployment rates in the USA are 3.5%, which is a significant drop from the average of 5.74%.

In April 2020, the unemployment rate reached an all-time high, peaking at 14.70%. As we know, this is the time when the pandemic started raging, and many people lost their jobs. So, who opened all of these new job positions we’re seeing now? The people that started their own small businesses. They know what it’s like to work in unfair conditions and not be supported. So, what did they do? Create healthy work environments for their future employees.

These are the kinds of businesses we believe in and want to support. And we show you where our loyalties lie through our verification system. All verified businesses you see on our Website are USA-Made, trustworthy, and absolutely transparent with their customers. These aren’t the kind of businesses that order their products from elsewhere and then stick their tag on them. They use local supplies and have local employees that handle your orders with care. With adherence to local Quality Control standards and laws, you can rest assured that the products you get will always be of the best possible quality.


USA Made Benefits Galore!

So, to summarize, the only reliable way for you to know which businesses are truly local is to look at their data yourself. That’s only made possible by our USA Made verification system. Once you gauge that a business is trustworthy and transparent enough, you can decide to support them by purchasing their products.

This simple purchase sets off a chain reaction of increasing the demand for products, diversifying the market, creating new job opportunities, boosting the economy, supporting local communities, and even helping the environment. There’s nothing we love to see more than our country thriving organically through the recognition and support of local businesses.

Your impact may not always be visible in real-time, but it’s there, creating opportunities for generations to come. And now that you’re familiar with the impact you can make, it’s understandable that you’ll want to start shopping locally. How do you do that? By looking for businesses that carry our USA-Made verification badge. What’s more, these businesses can even request community verification. That kind of level-up is hard to overlook.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your new favorite local businesses on our Website now!

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