How USA Made Verification Affects the Economy?

Shopping locally affects our country’s local and domestic economies in so many ways. The USA Made verification allows you to make that impact by helping you figure out which brands are truly USA Made. And if you’re not yet familiar with our verification system, let us explain. 

How do you know you’re shopping locally? Even when you’re supporting small businesses that claim to be local, you never know if they might be importing supplies from elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re just saying that there hasn’t been a way for you to know where your hard-earned money is actually going — until now

A USA Made verified badge on our Website means that a brand is truly American. But what does that mean? It means that each part of their production is local or made locally — the production factory, the supplies they use, everything! 

We’ve put this verification in place because there aren’t many reliable and working systems to determine whether something is genuinely local or not. We want to help brands reach full transparency with their consumers because that’s the only way to form a strong bond based on trust. Not only that, but it brings loyal customers right in, and that’s already a win-win situation.

So, if you’re big on supporting small businesses and shopping locally, we know you’ll love our system. We’re also using it to show you where our loyalties lie by featuring local brands and businesses on our Website. But how does this verification affect the economy? Are the effects only positive, or are there any negatives? Read on to find out.


The Positive Boost

Now that you know our verification system let’s talk about the positive effects. When you’re prioritizing shopping locally, that starts a chain reaction. Why? Because local businesses love to give back to local communities. But don’t believe us just yet. First, we want to talk about numbers. Take a quick look at what happens when you shop locally:

  • 68% of your money stays in the local economy, compared to only 43% when you shop elsewhere
  • 91% of local businesses donate, volunteer, or find other ways to give back and enrich their communities
  • 24% of new job opportunities are created by local businesses

Now, onto that chain reaction we mentioned. It’s only logical to assume that more job positions equal more tax-payers, and that does help the economy. But there’s more to this cycle than meets the eye. So let’s look at it from a different perspective. Follow this example:

  • You choose to support a local business that’s verified and featured on our Website
  • They use a portion of the money to organize a community event or plant trees in the area
  • Since the demand for their products is rising, they need to hire more staff
  • Not only that, but this business now needs more USA Made supplies
  • And if something goes haywire, they utilize local services

And the cycle continues endlessly, but all of these things help boost the economy. Also, these local businesses pay local taxes, which means there are even more resources to be invested into something that a community needs or deems necessary.

But this positive effect doesn’t end there…

Shopping locally is more environmentally friendly too. How come? Well, let’s think about it. Local businesses will use fewer resources (like fuel) to deliver your item to your doorstep. In turn, that means fewer greenhouse gas emissions! Also, isn’t it better to buy food products from local businesses? That ensures they’re fresh and haven’t traveled for weeks to reach you.

But how does that help the economy? We’re indeed doing the best we can to help our planet thrive and recover from tough times, which requires funds (as many other things do). When we do our part in being environmentally friendly, it’s much easier to help the Earth recover. Why? Because it will require fewer funds! And those funds can now go into equally important things like safe housing for all, providing education, ending world hunger, etc.

And what do you get when you provide the less fortunate with housing, food, and education? You get smart and competent people that will continue taking care of the planet by doing the best they can and shopping locally. And then? That boosts local and domestic economies.

And the negatives?

Naturally, everything in life has pros and cons, positives and negatives. Well, everything except shopping locally because we can’t find a single negative effect! In fact, we couldn’t even make one up if we tried. So, it’s safe to say that supporting local businesses can only have positive effects on the economy, environment, and you.


Key Takeaways

So, to summarize, our verification has a positive effect on local and domestic economies because it helps you figure out which businesses and truly USA Made. That’s all possible with full transparency and data available to you, the consumer, to check out yourself. Not only can you rest assured knowing you’re supporting actual local businesses, but you can have peace of mind because you’re doing your part and being environmentally friendly.

The chain reaction and diversification of the market that happens when you shop locally only goes to show that you don’t need millions of people participating to make a change. A few people can do just as much if they just prioritize local businesses and communities. But imagine if we all shifted our gaze inwards and created the demand for local products? The economy would blossom!

But we understand that sometimes you simply can’t do that for a plethora of reasons. However, we will always encourage you to make the decision to shop locally because we know how much that can mean to all parties involved.

So, are you ready to help boost our country’s economy and support your local community? Look no further than businesses with the USA Made verified badge.

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