Why Is Verification Important?

Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose, and we’re sure you’ve had your fair share of experiences that testify to that. The same goes in all areas of life, of course. So, how does one start trusting businesses we’re buying from?

Most of the time, they’re making claims because they want to sell us something. Then how do you know if a cream will really erase your wrinkles? How do you know if a company is as charitable as they claim? And how could you possibly know if the products you purchase are really locally made? So many questions and so few answers.

In fact, one of the big problems is that there aren’t many reliable mechanisms to verify the authenticity of a product. And wouldn’t you agree that is something that would help you trust a brand? We believe so.

That’s why our founder, Krissy Mashinsky, came up with a solution that helps provide brand transparency. What is this solution, you wonder? The USA Strong verification system. But how this system operates isn’t what’s significant for today’s blog. What we will tell you, though, is why it is so important to have. Read on.


Building Trust

The biggest reason why the verification system works so well is that it builds trust in the community. How come? Well, imagine if a company claimed to manufacture products but was actually importing them from elsewhere. When the goods are imported, the company just slaps its label on and calls it its own. Finding out about such a scam would make anyone feel betrayed, especially loyal customers.

The USA Strong verification helps erase any kind of doubts by granting the customers absolute transparency. Not only that, but brands that are verified also prove that they’re USA-made, making them all the more trustworthy.

What does being USA-made mean to you, though? To us, it means that companies are not only based in the USA but that every step of their manufacturing process is too. For example, if a company is making clothes and claims to be USA-made, we want them to prove that the fabric they use is also manufactured in our country. Why? Because that’s the only way to support the domestic and local economy as well as our communities.

Brands can be self-verified by providing all the necessary information that is then displayed on their profile. But they can also request community verification. We all know how important reviews and word-of-mouth are, right? The same goes for this kind of verification because it gives brand credibility too.


What Does Trust Ensure?

There’s more to trusting a brand than you might think. To many, brand trust means they know they’ll get a quality product, and that’s about it. But what about workers’ rights? What about giving back to the community? Those are also some of the things that you should be aware of.

While verification may not tell you exactly how a brand operates, it will tell you that they’re USA-made. And what does that mean? It means they follow labor laws and regulations of our country, for example. That ensures workers have a good working environment that isn’t exploiting their labor.

Not only that, but did you know that local and small businesses usually give back to the community that helped them grow? It’s true! You can rest assured that your money will be put to good use.

This type of trust can also boost domestic and local economies! The effects may not always be visible to you in real-time, but they’ll last for generations to come.


Prevention and Accountability

Finally, a lot can be accomplished with a system like the USA Strong verification. Sure, it helps brands and communities build trust that can span for years, but that’s not all.

Ever heard of the saying that prevention is better than cure? We couldn’t agree more. That’s why this system gives brand transparency. In turn, transparency gives us insight into how a company manufactures its products, right? In other words, any irregularities will be on full display.

But, that also puts more pressure on brands to adhere to laws, regulations, and standards. On the other hand, having proof of irregularities forces companies to take accountability for their actions. And the entire system works in favor of the consumer such as yourself.

We simply want to help brands be transparent and truthful, ensuring their connection to customers is nothing but strong. The best way to ensure that is to support them, and we want you to know where our loyalties lie through this verification system.


Key Takeaways

As we’ve learned by now, transparency is what builds trust, and nobody can deny that. But many also wonder why this system is built on blockchain. It’s because blockchain is a way to make a verification public and immutable. Once a brand is verified as USA-made, blockchain is just there to keep it bulletproof.

And to summarize, our verification process is important because it lets the customers know which brands are 100% USA-made. That helps build trust between brands and buyers and even helps the local communities and domestic economy.

Not only that, the verification keeps brands in check through prevention and accountability. Because we all want the best possible working conditions for our loved ones that happen to be factory workers.

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