Haute Living Talks Changing the eCommerce Industry with USA Strong

Haute Living thinks USA Strong is changing the industry.

With the e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay running the show, it’s easy to think their success is hard to reach. But with scandals involving poor work ethics and practices, there is definitely a place for someone more trustworthy to take over.

A viable alternative and a sustainable platform didn’t exist before the creation of USA Strong. And not to mention that the existing platforms didn’t have a system helping consumers know which businesses are local, authentic, and truly USA-made. That’s why our founder, Krissy Mashinsky, stepped up to the task.

The creation of the Strong Blockchain, Haute Living reports, allows for a tamper-proof and transparent record of the origin of every product to be available to all buyers. That means every buyer can check the authenticity of any product they’re interested in themselves.

The USA Strong founder isn’t only passionate about transparency. She wants to help other women and their businesses thrive. So far, this strategy has been proven successful as almost 60% of the USA Strong featured brands are owned by women.

To see what else Haute Living and USA Strong founder Krissy Mashinsky had to say – read the full article here.

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